Refund Policy

Our Refund policy

Thank you for contacting us and acquiring services from Greenworld.

If there is any issue with the product or service you have acquired from us, please let us know or refer to our refund policy.

The below terms represent our refund policy and are only applicable to the products/services we offer on our website.


Initial capital letters or words have a specified meaning only suitable for our company’s working stature regardless of the singular or plural meanings.


The contents of the refund policy have a specific definition, such as:

Company (using the word, same as ”the company”, “we”, “us”, or “our” on this page) only refers to Greenworld and no other company or individual. Goods refer to the products or services we offer on our website. Orders refer to the products or services you acquire from our website. Service is the website you use to purchase/acquire the products or services. The website refers to Greenworld.

Refund or Cancellation Policy

A customer can only claim a refund if:

  1. The 14-day period has not passed without any notice.
  2. The period starts from the day you have acquired the service from us.
  3. The customer must inform the company with the proper documentation as to what the issue is with the product/service they have acquired from us and why they are claiming a refund, respectively.
  4. Email the issue at [email protected]
  5. The company will use the same payment method to refund the amount, no other option will be entertained.

Return Conditions

Please check the eligibility criteria to see if you are up for a refund or not.

  1. The product/service must never pass the 14 days. If the period ends, you are not eligible for a product return/refund, respectively.
  2. The original packing must be included with the product you are returning.
  3. No product is eligible for return/refund that is customized by the user.
  4. A product that is mixed opened, or altered is not eligible for refund/return.


Products/services on sale or promotion are not applicable for return/refund. If the law permits, the company will exclude it from the refund policy conditions.

Goods Returning Policy

The product or service must be returned within the 14-day period. The customer is entitled to bear the expense for the return of the product/service acquired from our website. Customers must use an authentic mail service and send the product to the following address:

Richmond Hill , NY

If the product is lost on its way to our warehouse or anything has happened during the shipment of the product, the company will not be held responsible and you will not be eligible for the refund claim, respectively.


We will not refund the amount to the customer until or unless we receive a receipt from an authentic mail service.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the refund policy, please contact us at [email protected]