KING Dish® Tailgater® Portable Automatic Satellite TV System



• 1. NO CONTRACT; Ideal with DISH Pay As You Go HD programming
• 2. PORTABLE; The DISH Tailgater from KING is a premium satellite TV antenna for people on the go; Lightweight and designed for use on the road, this DISH satellite for RVs and camping is engineered to withstand the great outdoors in any weather
• 3. TV ANYWHERE; This DISH Wally receiver allows you to access your DISH subscription anywhere in the contiguous US; Simply call DISH before traveling and they will enable your portable satellite dish for RVs to access the DISH network wherever you are; Add to your existing subscription or only pay for the months you use
• 4. AUTO LOCKING; This intelligent satellite antenna automatically locks onto the signal, taking the guesswork out of setting up your RV satellite system; Simply point the tailgater satellite dish at the sky and follow the on-screen prompts; Please note, a DISH satellite receiver is also included
• 5. ROOF MOUNTED; Weighing only eight pounds, our portable RV dishes can be mounted to the roof, or remain unattached for greater flexibility; A great camping TV solution, this portable satellite dish is also ideal for your next tailgater when you need a satellite dish antenna that’s lightweight and easy to set up


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