Privacy Policy

Our Policy

Greenworld’s working infrastructure has always wanted to make sure that our customers are satisfied and do not have any issues with the usage of our products/services, respectively. We provide authentic products at cheaper rates than our competitors with better quality and prolific outreach of the service they provide to our customers.

Greenworld’s most important factor to reach the heights of success is its privacy policy, which the company protects and never opts for violations, obscene, or allegations either from the customer side or the company side.

If you are interested, please refer to our Privacy Policy below:

1. Permit

By using our products/services or the website itself, you agree to our privacy policy.

2. Information

The collection of information through the customer in either case (through mail or personally) will never be used against them, however, if reported false information, we have the right to use it against them under special circumstances.

3. Using Information

We have set a standard about how to use the information we obtain from our customers; these are:


  1. Website Maintenance using the customer’s data (only inside the company)
  2. Website Expansion using the customer’s data (only for personalization or upgradation purposes)
  3. Website Analysis using the customer’s data
  4. Addition of new components or features depending on the user’s requirement.
  5. Contacting the customer (directly or indirectly) or through the service provider to update about new products and features.
  6. New updates through email
  7. Check and balance the log files
  8. Checking and reporting fraudulent activities.

4. Google DART Cookie

Google authenticates different websites and applications with its third-party cookie, named DART Cookie. It is a phenomenon through which the cookie records the users’ data and shows them advertisements based on their usage of the internet.

However, a customer can agree/disagree to use the cookie on their side.

5. Partner Advertising – Privacy

Different third-party applications authenticate the website to show advertisements whenever a user/customer enters the website. These applications include beacons, JavaScript, or cookies to show different advertisements about products, features, or services, respectively.

This phenomenon will track the IP address of the user’s side to only capture data which will be used for the website’s maintenance, effectiveness, and measurement, respectively.

6. External Policy

Our privacy policy does not include any section where it states the working stature or the capturing of data from the third-party applications or different leading service providers, however, to understand how they work. Please refer to their websites and check their privacy policy section.

7. CCPA – Privacy Rights

Under CCPA – the customer is entitled to have the following options:

  • Request to collect data from the user and disclose or only use a portion of it.
  • Request to delete data collected from use or a portion of it.
  • Request to never sell or disclose any data collected from the user at any cost.

8. GDPR – Data Protection Rights

Under GDPR – the customer is entitled to have the following options:

  • Collection of the information the website has about you.
  • Rectification of the mistakes we might have done about you.
  • Deletion of the data either complete or a portion of it
  • Limitations imposing on the data we have about you (only under special circumstances).
  • Refusal to use the data we have about you (only under special circumstances).
  • Transferring the data, either complete or a portion of it to other companies or industries.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the website’s Privacy Policy, please contact us through email at [email protected]